Firеfightеrs Wоrкs Arоund Thе CIоск Tо Saνе Twо Hоrsеs Aftеr FaIIing Thrоugh Iсе

2 Clydesdale horses broke out of their enclosure and got almost completely stuck in a Hamilton Township. The firefighters were called for help, and when they arrived, they knew that it would be a very hard mission as they did not have the proper equipment.

They were also unsure that the Clydesdale would make it because the horses were stuck up to the neck.

Thankfully, the community and many departments work together trying to free the horses. Due to not having the proper equipment, they used heaters, blankets, and a boat from neighbors.

The community also helped with dơnatiоns as Ertle Subaru dơnatеd a rеscuе raft with $1,500. The owner of Ertle Subaru, Jim Ertle, said that the firefighters have always been taking care of them, so it was the time to help them.

However, Blue Ridge Hook & Ladder Fire Company needs total 10,000 dollar to get the supplies they needed such as a trailer, wet shoes, whistles, and flotation vests.

They also urged the community to dơnatе for them by launching an online GoFundMe campaign. You can dơnatе for them there. Play your role. Watch the video below.

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