Tim McGraw shares first ever photo taken with Faith Hill for 27th wedding anniversary

After almost three decades together, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are still deeply in love and don’t shy away from letting everyone know.

Celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary on October 6, McGraw shared a 1994 photo, that shows the two in the moment that started it all.

The sweet photo, where the two are seen in their first ever embrace, honors the beautiful Hill, whom McGraw says: “I fell for you in an instant.”

Keeping reading to learn about the magical moment where Tim McGraw and Faith Hill fell in love!

Backstage at Nashville’s New Faces of Country Music Show in 1994, Tim McGraw set his sights on a 27-year-old Faith Hill.

At the time, the ‘Highway Don’t Care‘ singer was in a relationship with Kristine Donahue, and Hill was engaged to Scott Hendricks.

Ending their relationships with their other partners, the pair started dating shortly after. Then, on October 6, 1996, the country music stars married after performing together at a show, where Hill was an opening act and McGraw was headlining.

“We were young and silly and goo-goo-eyed in love,” McGraw, now 56, told PEOPLE about falling in love with the ‘This Kiss‘ singer, who turned 56 on September 21.

They still are “goo-goo-eyed in love.”

On October 6, 2023, both shared adoring Instagram posts, gushing over the other on their 27th wedding anniversary.

After digging through his archives, McGraw found the first photo taken of the couple, and along with a loving tribute, he shared this memory dating back to 1994.

In the image, Hill appears with her beaming smile that’s adored by millions, her natural curls piled on top of her head. Standing next to her is McGraw, smiling in the shadow of his iconic cowboy hat.

Mc Graw wrote: “This is the very first picture ever taken of us, the very first time we ever met back in spring of 1994. This was backstage of the ‘New Faces’ show at the Country Radio Seminar…I fell for you in an instant!” The post continues: “Today is our 27th wedding anniversary and I fall for you every day, every time you walk into the room, every time I see you in our 3 beautiful daughters’ smiles. I just keep falling and always will. Happy anniversary my love.”

Fans went wild over his tribute, and some joked about their PDA.

One wrote: “I saw you in 1994…You two where smoochen in stage behind your hat. She came out to sing in your pants because she was cold.” A second added: “Congrats to you both!!! You’ve outlasted most and outclassed them all. Amazing couple!!!! Keep the Faith!!!!”

Meanwhile, Hill also shared a beautiful black and white image of the two, where she’s seen sitting on the stage, her curly locks flowing loosely over her shoulders, smiling lovingly at the man, whose back is turned to the camera.

The ‘Don’t Take the Girl‘ singer stated: “27 years married to this man. My one and only. Happy Anniversary baby. I love you.”

Scores of fans jumped in to wish their favorite couple a happy anniversary.

One commented: “Happy anniversary to my favourite couple! Love you!!” while a second said: “Beautiful couple, I love seeing how they love each other. Happy 27th Anniversary. God grant you many more.”

A third said their relationship was inspiring: “Happy Anniversary to the couple who make me believe the love I believe in could be real!”

Since they were first wed, the couple has shared many special moments, their proudest raising their three gorgeous daughters, Gracie, 26, Maggie, 24, and Audrey, 21.

“It’s inspiring to me to watch them go out on their own and do the things they do,” McGraw said in 2021 about his adult girls. “We’ve raised three strong, independent, strong-minded young women. And what I’m most grateful for is just how normal our kids are and how grounded they are and how much they respect themselves and other people. It makes me feel like we’ve done a pretty decent job, especially Mom.”


McGraw also credits his loving and supportive wife for his sobriety.

“I guarantee you, had I not gotten married to Faith at 29 years old; A, I probably would’ve ran my career into the ground, and B, I would’ve died already with my career into the ground, one or the other, and it wouldn’t have ever been where it’s at now,” McGraw told Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe.

And Hill is the inspiration behind his 2023 song, ‘Her‘, from his Standing Room Only album that was released in August.

The lyrics say it all: “Her heart is true, her spirit wild. Her faith is strong and man, her smile’s got blue sky right behind it…Sometimes I wish that I could be a little less like me. A little more like her.”

When Hill heard it for the first time, McGraw recalls the conversation between the two. “She goes, ‘This is about me right?’ I go, ‘Yeah, of course! Of course! You’re the her.’” He continued: “Oh, she loves it! She makes me play it all the time… I’ve had enough of it, I don’t wanna hear it, [but] she loves it!”

Happy anniversary to these country superstars! We hope you have many more decades ahead and we look forward to your inspiring messages of love for the other.

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