Grоwn-Uρ Pit BuII Is StiII Hеr Daddу’s LittIе GirI

Annabelle and her dad sharе a bond that’s hard to explain. And even though she’s now a full-grown pit bull, deep down she’s still her daddy’s little girl.

Ever since Annabelle was a 3-week-old puppy, she’s been super close to her dad. It seems she’s more than obsessed with him and wants to be in his arms all the time. It might have to do something with her start in life.

When Annabelle’s mom was a week away from giving birth, she was surrendered to a shelter. Her mom needed a place to go before her puppies were born so Bobby and his wife decided to foster the pregnant dog.

Momma dog gave birth to twelve puppies. Her foster parents were not planning to keep any of the dogs, but Bobby fell in love with Annabelle, and his wife and child bonded with another puppy they named Norman.

Annabelle and Norman were very close as puppies. Even when they were very tiny, Annabelle would seek him out in their kennel so they could cuddle together. So, it was just natural that those two were the littermates they decided to keep.

Annabelle and Norman love to play with each other and are still very close. But the two sharе very different personalities. Norman is outgoing and confident while Annabelle is very reserved. A behaviorist told the couple not to rush her into anything and let her adjust to new things in her own time

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