12-уеar оId hеrоiс bоу Sasha rеsсuеd a ρuρρу that fеII intо a fIооdеd guttеr!!

Tatyana Bormotova, who lives in the city of Revda, Russia, told an amazing story, in which she became a participant. Once in social networks, she noticed the news about a homeless dog with a small puppy, that were seen on Tchaikovsky Street.

The woman decided to go there to feed them.

As it turned out, the stray dog in the storm gave birth to puppies. After the rain, the ditch was flooded. She was able to pull out one puppy, nothing was known about the fate of the others.

Tatyana noticed that the dog mother was behaving restlessly: she whined and stubbornly continued to climb into the hole. Soon she noticed another puppy that managed to sưrvivе.

The woman called all sorts of authorities and her acquaintances, everyone refused her. Help came from an unexpected direction – boys were passing by Tatiana and decided to savе the pup in trouble.

The puppy was difficult enough to pull out; it was carried far away. A boy named Sasha undressed and climbed into the cold and dirty water. He did everything to savе the little life and he succeeded!

After that, he became a hero of social networks, and the Center for Youth Work decided to award him with a diploma. Sasha himself does not see anything extraordinary in his act.

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