Aftеr Yеars оf Waiting, SingIе Gaу Dad Adоρts Bоу Abandоnеd at 2 Wеекs OId — And Thеу CоuIdn’t Bе Haρρiеr Nоw

One man from Baltimore, Maryland, dreamed of becoming a dad, but he faced many challenges on his journey to fatherhood. As a single gay man, there were many hurdles he had to overcome, but it was worth it when he met a little boy who changed his life forever.

David Marshall was once just a man who longed to become a parent. He imagined having a little one calling him dad and knew he would do whatever he could to make it a reality.

The former opera singer had to fulfill a list of requirements before being considered for adơрtion, but none scared him. After completing the lengthy documentation, David waited for news about his application. The hopeful dad grew anxiơus and impatient until the phone eventually rang

He Was Ready to Be a Father

David was eager when he received the call about a little boy named Josiah. He had been waiting for two years and had already prepared the nursery for the child he believed would come.

The dad-to-be couldn’t wait to fill the baby’s room with love and warm memories. He discovered that an âbаndơnеd two-week-old boy needed a home, and he was ready to receive him.

He remembered the life-changing phone call and felt overwhelmed with different emotions. David’s heart was pounding in his chest, and he couldn’t breathe.

The dad knew his adơрtion experience was unique after sharing it on Facebook Live—David came to a surprising realization that changed the trajectory of his life.

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