LоуaI GоIdеn Rеtriеνеr Husband Taкеs Carе Of His Prеgnant Wifе

Two lovely Golden Retrievers cuddle on a pristine marble floor. One of them is pregnant, and the other is a loyal, loving husband. He will do whatever she wants to make sure she is properly taken care of.

The Golden Retriever’s wife appears to be uncomfortable, so her husband walks to the air conditioner console to adjust the temperature to her liking.

He spots their water bowl is empty, so he picks it up and rushes over to the sink to fill it with water. He quickly runs back to her and puts it in front of her. She drinks it joyfully.

Together the husband and wife go on the walk. The husband leads the way, holding her lead in his mouth. Once they get back home, she has a nice nap.

While she rests, her husband helps prepare a healthy meal for her by handing over the necessary ingredients to their human friend. She wakes up and eats the food, and he enjoys some of it as well.

She gives birth to a beautiful litter of seven puppies. The humans who helped with the labor make sure they are all healthy and clean. The puppies then happily feed on their mother.
The husband does not rest. He stands by to make sure that his wife and their children have whatever they need.

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