Straу Pit BuII Can’t Stоρ SmiIing Aftеr Hе Was Rеsсuеd Frоm Strееt

It is impossible to deny that Brinks the Pit Bull is endearing despite the fact that many people have strong feelings either way regarding these dogs. Take a look at that happy grin!

One day, while the stray Pittie was out roaming the streets of Brooklyn, he ran upon a human and his dog. The guy was holding the dog.

The person’s name was Jon, and his dog’s name was Demo, and all three of them got along famously right away.

Jon made the decision to take in Brinks while he looked for the dog’s owner, but after a month of searching for the owner through missing dog reports and fliers with no success, Jon came to the conclusion that Brinks would be staying with him permanently.

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