Brокеn dоg сan’t stоρ smiIing whеn hе rеaIizеs hе’s finaIIу safе

‘Brоkеn’ dоg can’t stоp smiling whеn hе rеalizеs hе’s finally safе.

Sanford was formerly thought of as a “brơkеn dog,” but these days he can’t stop grinning. Karen Velazquez, Sanford’s foster mother, claims he is the happiest dog she has ever met.

The Dodo quoted Velazquez as saying, “I am currently on my 52nd foster, and I can honestly state that I have never had somebody as cheery as him.” He looks at me in a way that no other creature, not even my own dogs, have ever done. Only when he is sleeping or eating does he not smile.

But before Velazquez took Sanford in, he needed all the help he could get. After being hit by a car and rendered immobile, he was savеd by animal control in April. A bullet hole was also found on his right hind leg by the rеscuеrs.

He was sent to a small municipal shelter in Dallas, Texas, where he lived for a week after being found by animal control officials. Sanford didn’t get any medical care during that time since the shelter was broke.

Sanford was in the shelter when a Dallas DogRRR volunteer noticed him and realized she had to help.

He was literally destroyed.

And when the volunteer went to meet him, he made no attempt to come and say hello, according to Kerry Anechiarico, executive director of Dallas DogRRR, who spoke to The Dodo. It appears as though he had given up and was just waiting for his chance.

But the biggest change came when Sanford and Velazquez first went into foster care.

Only a few days after leaving the hospital, “he came to my house on May 1,” said Velazquez. Since then, he has been beaming. He must have known as soon as he entered my home that it was a safe place.

Sanford, who Velazquez affectionately refers to as “Sanfee,” now spends his days consuming home-cooked meals, going for daily walks, and having fun with the other dogs.

Even though Sanford is ten years old, he doesn’t act it.

Anechiarico noted, “He’s a fairly average dog for a 10-year-old. He reminds me of a senior citizen living in a nursing home. Despite being 95 years old, he behaves as though he is in his fifties.

Sanford is happy in his foster home, but everyone wants to see him find a permanent home. He’ll make a great family dog, said Anechiarico. He’s good with kids and gets along with other dogs and people.

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