Thе daу’s fеaturеd stоrу is abоut a wоman whо rесеiνеs hеr first birthdaу сaке оn hеr 100th birthdaу frоm a bоу whо сIaims tо bе hеr grandsоn

Nobody cared that Ruby had an amazing birthday for anyone. She turned 100, but nobody was there to celebrate it with her.
As she had been for the majority of her life, Ruby was by herself. Ruby has grown up since her father left for war when she was eight years old.

Because of her mother’s frailty and withdrawal, Ruby’s father called him over and said. He said sternly, “Ruby, I’m going to need you to be a big girl.” “You’re going to have to take care of your mom and be very responsible, okay?”

The end of Ruby’s childhood came with her response of “Okay, Dad.” When Ruby reached adulthood, she took care of her mother and her four younger siblings.

She eagerly awaited the return of her father so that she could resume her childhood, but he never did. The family learned that their father had died in battle when Ruby was 12 years old.

My dad never returned home. Mom sobbed, screamed, and sobbed that the other kids were frightened to dеаth. Mom received an injection from the visiting doctor, which caused her to regain her composure.

The mother was unable to work and received a very meager state pension. In those hard times, Ruby quit school and found work at the closest store that sold fabrics, threads, buttons, and ribbons—everything needed to sew clothing.

Ruby was enthusiastic and bright, and she quickly helped Mrs. Dorris, the haberdashery’s owner.
Mrs. Dorris, who became a widow during the war, treated Ruby well in her own way.
She occasionally gave Ruby the most exquisite scraps and vibrant ribbons so that she could make herself some tiny holiday dresses. Ruby frequently sewed for both her mother and her siblings using this fabric.

Ruby’s mother grew even more distant as she aged. She was stumbling around the house in her nightgown, and Ruby had to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn’t leave the house and walk down the street in this attire.
Ruby wouldn’t let her four siblings work to support her because she was determined that they all complete their education. She sternly commanded them, “Pay attention to school.” The best assistance you can provide for me is this.
Nobody acknowledged Ruby’s 18th birthday. Birthday cake, presents, and a party were all absent. Mrs. Dorris was one of those women who has no emotions, so she was ignorant and unconcerned.

Mom became engrossed in her own world, and Ruby’s siblings, with their inborn childish egoism, were unaware that their older sister was also celebrating a birthday.
Ruby and Brad met that year. He had a shy smile and was tall and lean. He went to the shop to get needles for his mother, but he lingered to chat with her.

They began “dating,” as we would say back then. They attended dances and movies, parked, and sharеd a passionate kiss on Lover’s Lane. The kisses evolved into something more at that point.
Brad assured Ruby that he would marry her, that the two of them would live happily ever after, own a nice house, and raise children. Ruby continued by describing her mother, brothers, and sisters.

Brad, I have to take care of them,” Ruby said. I gave my father a promise. But when they leave for college in a few years, only mom will be left.
Will your crazed mother and your siblings relocate here with us? Brad queried. When our days are done? What are you saying, exactly? Brad was very composed after that.
He didn’t kiss Ruby as he usually did, but they did decide to meet the following day to plan the wedding. He was never seen again by Ruby.

She discovered he had volunteered for a new war in Asia the same day. She was pregnant and he âbаndơnеd her. She pondered what to do to herself.
What kind of life could she give the child if she âbаndơnеd him? She had to put in nonstop work to support her mother and raise her siblings. It wasn’t safe for her to leave the baby with her mother while she worked.

Ruby started crying as she patted her stomach. She was forced to abandon her child. In the hopes that he would be cherished and loved, she would give him up for adơрtion.
One of Ruby’s most difficult moments came when she had to abandon her infant daughter, but she was confident that she was acting morally. She whispered, “I love you, my sweet girl. Be happy.

Ruby struggled to recall the most recent time she had felt young because it had been so long. Ruby never turned her gaze away from Brad after that. She couldn’t ask him to carry her burden because she knew he would never do that under any circumstances.
Her sisters and brothers left the house as they each received their high school diplomas. Ruby had to care for her mother as usual after they got married and moved away. And when her mother рassеd awау, she was 73 years old.

Ruby sobbed that day over the loss of her mother as well as the fact that her entire life had been a waste. She was empty. She is alone and has Iơst many of her friends since she retired.
I’m going to wait until I die,” Ruby vowed to herself. “Not much longer now,” But that wasn’t the case. Ruby was a robust and healthy woman who would soon turn 80 and then 90.

Unnoticed, the years passed. Nobody gave a damn. Ruby was growing older while sitting in her tiny home. A social worker visited the elderly woman when she was 99 years old.
She aimed to determine Ruby’s independence. She took a look around and declared her living circumstances to be quite satisfactory. She didn’t even wish Ruby a happy birthday before leaving.
Ruby said to herself, “One hundred years.” “I haven’t lived a day, but I have seen a whole century of this world’s history.” The doorbell rang as she was sitting in the kitchen contemplating her life.

She opened the door after standing up. There was a young man standing there holding a sizable cake with the number 100 written clearly on top of it. He shouted happily, “Hello, Grandma!” “Happy birthday!”
Ruby gaped in surprise as she stood. Young man, you built the incorrect house.
He sighed, “No, I wasn’t mistaken. Ruby, you’re my grandmother. When my mother turned eighty-one, I asked her to access the archives because she had always been curious about who her biological mother was.

Nobody believed you were still alive, If you don’t mind, my mother is waiting to meet you in the car.
“Your daughter?” Ruby enquired. “She… Will she come meet me? I… I Iơst hope in her. I wished for her to be content.
The young man explained, “She knows that my great-grandmother рassеd awау. We are also aware of your long period of singledom, but you now have a daughter, five grandchildren, and fifteen great-grandchildren.
When Ruby started sobbing, the young man gave her a bear hug. It’s okay, he assured her. You’re going to have a great party, and we’re already here.

Ruby’s life was made complete when she finally got to meet her daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. “Happy Birthday” was sung as the cake’s candles were lit. Ruby had never heard a sound more beautiful.

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