Thе truск driνеr’s dоg is rеsсuеd frоm a stоrm drain

Sometimes, animals get stuck in really hard places and need a little help from humans to get out.

Trixie was a sweet dog who managed to fall 12 feet into a storm sewer system. Her owner was so devastated that he thought that he Iơst Trixie forever.

Luckily, the firefighters from the Cobby County Fire & Emergency Services in Cobb County, Georgia, solved the situation.

A rеscuе operation was initiated when crews from Engine 9C and Squad 7C of Cobb County Fire arrived. They established a rope system and dropped an air monitoring device, enabling them to lower a firefighter into the drain system.

Fortunately, the mission was completed and the firefighters were happy to see how Trixie met her owner.

Cobby County Fire wrote, “After a quick visit to the vet, we hear that Trixie is a little banged up, but she will be okay.”

The moment Trixie was safely returned to her owner is captured in a photograph: Numerous individuals thanked the fire department for their swift actions in saving Trixie after the story was sharеd on social media.

People love dogs so much, and we’re sure the truck driver loves his dog as a travel companion and will be very sad without Trixie.

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