We were finally able to see Dolly Parton’s husband after 44 years

After more than 40 years, Dolly Parton’s husband was seen in public. Dolly Parton loves to be the center of attention on every occasion, but her husband is more at peace with being in the shadows and having a private life. Dolly respected her husband’s decision, but fans are curious to hear more about Carl Dean, the artist’s husband. Recently, some pictures of Dean appeared

Carl Dean is 77 years old and has been married to Dolly for 53 years. He was recently spotted with his personal assistant outside the family estate in Brentwood, Tennessee.

As I mentioned, Dolly is a wonderful artist who has managed to stay in the spotlight for over 50 years, and her husband is the exact opposite, he has managed to avoid being photographed since the 1970s. Even in recent photos we can see that Carl seems to have a completely different style from his wife. Contrasts attract, don’t they?

Sources close to the couple said that Carl is a rather withdrawn person and avoids leaving the home, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Carl and Dolly met in 1964, and after 2 years of marriage they got married. The two managed to have a beautiful marriage for over 50 years, but it seems that now the two live in different houses, but in the same property.

Dolly said that although her husband does not accompany her to concerts and events, he is her biggest fan and always helps her and gives her good advice

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