Puppy beaten nearly to death gets adopted by police officer who rescued him

A heartbreaking story now has a heartwarming update: weeks after a puppy was found brutally beaten, he’s getting an inspiring new start.

On August 23, a German Shepherd puppy was found on the road in York County, Pennsylvania, bleeding and unconscious. Someone had beaten the poor pup nearly to death: he suffered multiple fractures and was severely malnourished.

The pup was rushed to Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital, where despite his grave injuries he pulled through and made a recovery.

“We were all very heartbroken of course when we saw and heard what was going on and we all went into his cage and tried to give him as much love as possible,” vet tech Lindsay Copenhaver told FOX 43.

Vets named the dog “Chance,” because of his second chance at life. Police investigated the case, but the assailant is still unknown.

Officer Matthew Tamanosky of the York City Police Department was the first officer on the scene and saved Chance’s life. He was heartbroken by the incident.

“Seeing how a terrible human being could just beat a poor, four or five-month-old little animal, leave him there to die, unconscious, lying on the ground, it’s just something that strikes a chord with you,” Officer Tamanosky told FOX 43.

Chance was transferred to the York County SPCA, where he continued his recovery. “Chance is showing great signs of improvement,” they wrote on Facebook. “His swelling is coming down and our team is working on his weight gain and rehabilitation. Only time will tell what lasting challenges he may have from the trauma he endured.”

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