7-year-old boy applauded for spectacular retort after woman claimed only girls wear nail paint.

Newer generations have no issue challenging these social norms, whereas older generations frequently argue against the idea that gowns aren’t just for girls and that toilets shouldn’t be gender-specific.

In a heartwarming TikTok video, Aaron (@daddyfiles) shared a little boy remembering being told that men shouldn’t wear nail polish.

The small child opens the video by showing off his newly painted nails, which match his football practice outfit.


Aaron, his father, comments, “Looking good, bud.”

Aaron, like any curious dad, asks about his son’s performance. The youngster pauses for a bit before continuing, “The mother of another child told their kid that only girls were allowed to wear nail polish.”

The question “And what did you say?” Aaron queried.

The boy confidently stated, “And then I said your mom’s only mad because I got more taste.”

Aaron complimented his son for speaking up for himself before pointing the camera in the opposite direction to emphasize his point.

Anyone can wear nail paint, including baseball and football players, he stated. “Let’s cut the crap out.”

Many TikTok users offered their support for Aaron’s son by agreeing with him.

“This guy and other kids like him give me hope for the future. What a wonderful dad,” one user commented.

“Good job, buddy! Another person said, “Wish I had as much self-assurance while I was in school.

In the interim, a different TikTok user shared a surprising fact: “In certain tribes, warriors painted their nails before battle as a part of their war paint! appears to be a fighter!”


Who said boys couldn’t have polish on their nails? If having painted nails is your thing, go ahead and do it! Stop enforcing gender-based restrictions on what people may and cannot do.

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