Three Kid Brothers Start Their Own Business By Mowing Lawns: “We Just Kept Doing It”

It’s never too early to start chasing your dreams and finding a way to become independent. Whether it’s pursuing your passion or finding a way to make some quick and easy cash, it’s never a bad idea to stay busy while doing something to help the betterment of others. For a group of three young brothers, they decided to test their ambitions and started a local lawn care service. Their business is called the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service, and the three brothers mow, edge and rake the lawns in their local area in central Michigan.

Marcus, Marcelino and Travell McBride are the founders of the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service, and have recently found a booming business in lawn care. They first began their business back in June 2021 as they headed into the hot, summer months, ready to help their neighbors while making some money and learning responsibilities at the same time. What started out as a simple way for the boys to stay busy while figuring out how to make some money has since turned into a booming and profitable business with plenty of happy customers.

On top of already making a name for themselves in their area, the kid brothers have also shocked people with their impressive entrepreneurial skills despite their young age. What’s so remarkable about the brothers is that none of them are even in high school, yet they have already started and are currently operating their own successful business. Read on to find out more about the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service and the inspiring story behind it.

Starting A Business

WNEM reported that the McBride brothers first started the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service in June 2021, and their business has since been incredibly busy and successful. They are located in Saginaw, Michigan, and work on mowing lawns and providing other lawn care services in their local area. “Really, my brothers didn’t wanna do it,” Marcus explained. “When they did the first house that we ever did, they started liking it, so we just kept doing it.”

According to MLive, the McBride brothers are: Marcus; Travel; and Marcelino; and their ages at the time their business started were 12, 10 and 9 years old, respectively. Not even teenagers yet, the boys have already shown just how smart and savvy they are and have already taken on quite a bit of responsibility. Together the boys have come together to provide a service to their community and have already garnered plenty of happy customers. One of those happy customers is Brian Mitchell.

“Amazing to see young people embrace the entrepreneurship, and fulfilling their dreams, and also adding to the influx of, you know, Black-owned businesses and just creating their own legacy,” Mitchell said. WNEM reported that the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service had a standing appointment at Mitchell’s house every two weeks, where they mow his lawn and help cut down any weeds in his yard.

“We got a lot of calls, messages, our Facebook page is blowing up!” Marcus exclaimed. According to WNEM, they typically work on two lawns a day and have already made thousands of dollars. Since their page was created on June 17, 2021, the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service Facebook page has garnered over 330 likes and 400 followers. According to MLive, the brothers already have a plan for the winter months, and are planning on still tending to people’s lawns, but this time as a snow-removal service. And as of January 2022, their business is still going strong.

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