20 уеars agо this ‘unusuaI’ sеt оf соnjоinеd twins wеrе bоrn – nоw thеу’rе aII grоwn and еnjоуing Iifе

Pregnancy can be frightening for many. Preparing for an entirely new life is one of the most significant changes you will ever make. The fear of a tricky birth, complications, potential conditions, and congenital defects such as conjoined twins is an authentic experience for many moms.

It’s not only the infants that are at risk. There is a real dangеr that the birthing process could go horribly wrong. Putting the lives of both the mother and child at risk. Now take all of this anxiety and triple it. With their biological mother unable to care for them, the three girls (two of which were conjoined twins) had an uncertain future.

Then the conjoined twins and their sister were fostered by the most loving family

Now known as Mackenzie, Macey, and Madeline were fostered by a couple from Iowa named Darla and Jeff Garrison who realized the urgency for the three girls to find a loving home of their own. The couple were already parents to three biological boys and were more than happy to take the conjoined twins and their sister in.

Jeff Garrison and the conjoined twins

Macey and Mackenzie were born joined at the pelvis, each with one leg and a third useless leg. They were in constant, tremendous pain. The decision was made to separate them at 10 months of age. The surgery was performed by Dr. James Stein, chief medical officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, in a 24-hour surgery in 2003. Mackenzie was home after six weeks, Macey a month later.

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