Gigantic husky has first meeting with tiny baby brother – and the footage goes viral

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog prior to welcoming their first child can tell you that having a sense of apprehension regarding how things might play out is totally normal.

What if the dog gets jealous of the sudden shift in attention? What if no matter how much you try, you simply can’t create harmony between your fur baby and real baby? What if the the dog, God forbid, feels the need to attack the baby in a jealous rage?

Of course, most of these scenarios never play out. In the vast majority of households – those where the family dog has always benefitted from the love and attention it deserves – bringing a baby home poses no problem at all.

On the contrary, dogs can often become guardians to our little ones, extending their instinctual protectiveness to the newest member of the pack.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always enjoy seeing dogs and young babys co-existing peacefully.

Which is why I loved the video of Teddy, a Husky who lives at home with his two Malamute siblings, Phil and Niko, and a cat named Milo, encountering his baby brother for the first time.

Teddy’s human parents have a daughter, Amelia, so the animals are used to the presence of a child in the home. Even so, when the time came to be introduced to another baby, the parents wisely decided to take things slow.

They reasoned that it was wiser to let the animals meet their new baby boy one at a time. This way, there was less chance of the dogs getting overly excited and accidentally doing anything that might harm the newborn.

Teddy, the youngest of the family dogs, got to go first, and the interaction between he and the sleeping baby is the stuff of viral gold.

The baby’s father kept one gentle hand on Teddy’s head, but Teddy was the picture of composure beside his new brother.

Ultimately, Teddy was content to sniff and watch the tiny human with interest. Needless to say, the sheer size difference between the two siblings makes for quite the compelling video.

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