Happily Married Man Wears A Skirt And High Heels To Work Every Single Day

In a world where lots of people still feel the need to conform to certain gender norms, there is one man who is determined to make them a thing of the past. Mark Bryan is a man who has been happily married to the love of his life, a woman, for many years now and has an affinity for high-speed riding and Porsche’s but one of the things that differentiate him from most straight men is the fact that he wears a skirt and high heels to work.

He says it makes him feel open and free which is why he wears it whenever he gets the chance. It is not clear how his wife feels about it but clearly if she has not left him, it’s safe to say she doesn’t have an issue with it. It does not just work; he also wears it when he goes out on the town or even if he’s just working on his car at home. In one of his more recent statements, he says he has always loved women’s clothing and even poses for numerous photos of him in a skirt and high heels at the train station.

He does this to make it clear he does not care what anyone else thinks of his fashion choice. He tells the press he dresses like that just because he can and he firmly believes that clothes have no gender.

He also told them that he prefers skirts to dresses due to the fact that he likes a masculine look from the waist up and a non-gender-specific look from the waist down. He knows that what he does is controversial but is able to use that to his advantage.

On IG, where he posts a lot of his selfies, he calls himself a straight happily married man who just so happens to like beautiful women, sports cars, and wearing skirts and heels on a daily basis. He also uses his account to help spread awareness about this type of issue and push back against the gender stereotypes that have plagued society for countless millennia. One of the posts even shows him wearing black stockings and a purse of the same color to match.

In one of his other posts, he talks about how he missed the train and went to dinner with one of his customers after a meeting at the office. As such, he was 45 minutes late and the caption came with a picture of him in a skirt. In another, he talked about how he was able to work from home that day but is now heading to the office for a meeting.

As he says, clothes and shoes should never be assigned to any one gender. He mentioned one time that when he got home, the first thing he did was remove his stockings and change into a different skirt so he could go out on the town with his wife. As it turns out, the restaurant used to be an old train depot so he joked he is at train stations too often. This is due to the fact that he takes the train to and from work every day. He hopes to one day see a gender-blind society where people wear whatever they want.



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