The Prayer of Saint Richard of Chichester

This beloved prayer reflects the essence of Saint Richard’s devotion to Jesus Christ.

The Prayer of Saint Richard of Chichester, more commonly known as the “Prayer of St. Richard,” is a beloved prayer for Christians with a message of devotion to Jesus Christ and his teachings. The short but powerful blessing provides inspiration to individuals seeking guidance, strength, and a deeper connection with God.

Saint Richard of Chichester was a hugely influential figure in Christian history, being made a saint just 9 years after his death thanks to an exemplary life of service to others, his deep faith, and the miracles that were attributed to him after his death.

The Prayer of St. Richard expresses gratitude to Christ for his blessings and acknowledges the suffering he endured for humanity’s sake, while also encouraging the individual to walk more closely with Jesus in everyday life.

The Prayer of St. Richard

Icon of Saint Richard by Sergei Fyodorov. Wikimedia Commons CC By SA-4.0

The prayer is a reflection of Saint Richard’s deep devotion to Jesus Christ and his desire to know and love Him more fully each day. The Prayer of St. Richard is considered impactful in Christianity because it encourages believers to focus on their relationship with Jesus Christ and to seek His guidance and direction in their lives.

The Prayer of St. Richard begins with an expression of gratitude to Christ for all the benefits He has given, and for all the pains and insults He has borne for us. It then goes on to ask Jesus Christ, the most merciful redeemer, friend, and brother, to help the believer know Him more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more closely.

The prayer clearly expresses Saint Richard’s deep desire for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and a reminder for the rest of us that the Christian life is a journey of faith. We should strive to know and love Jesus Christ more fully as we walk along the path of righteousness. It is a heartfelt plea to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ more deeply and faithfully, in accordance with his teachings.

About Saint Richard of Chichester

St._Richard',_Chichester_Cathedral,_West_Sussex,_EnglandPhillip Capper via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

Saint Richard of Chichester (Richard de Wych) was born circa 1197 in Wyche, Worcestershire, England. He studied at Oxford University and later became a renowned theologian and scholar. He was ordained as a priest and eventually appointed as the Chancellor of the University of Oxford.

Richard was elected as the Bishop of Chichester in 1235, a role he embraced with great dedication and compassion – particularly to the sick and poor amongst his flock. He played a vital role in improving the spiritual and moral state of his diocese, with an emphasis on the importance of personal holiness and the proper care of souls.

Richard was known for his humility, kindness, and devotion to serving the poor and sick. He was also an advocate for the rights of the Church and was involved in various political and social issues of his time. Miracles attributed to Richard include not spilling consecrated wine after dropping the chalice during mass, and healing a leper just by placing his hands on him. Many depictions of Richard see him depicted with a chalice at his feet.

During his tenure as bishop, Richard faced significant challenges and opposition from the powerful secular authorities of his time. Despite these difficulties, he remained steadfast in his commitment to serving God and the people entrusted to his care. His faith, integrity, and tireless efforts in pastoral work made a lasting impact on the community.

After his death on April 3, 1253, Richard’s reputation for holiness and the numerous miracles attributed to him led to his veneration as a saint by Pope Urban IV in 1262, recognizing his exemplary life and spiritual contributions to the Church.

The Prayer of St. Richard became associated with him due to its profound alignment with his personal spirituality and devotion to Christ by encapsulating Richard’s desire for a closer relationship with Jesus. It reflected the essence of Saint Richard’s life’s work, inspiring countless individuals in their own spiritual journeys while also caring for the poor and sick.

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