Two toddlers drowned in daycare – devastated families remember their children

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the death of a child. In a devastating event in San Jose, California, two toddlers lost their lives. The situation was incredibly heartbreaking.

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Lillian “Lily” Jade Hanan’s family was planning their costumes for Halloween. The family was thinking of wearing matching Beluga whale costumes, instead, the family writes in the 18-month-old’s obituary, “Lily was buried in a Beluga onesie, tutu, and whale socks.”

Another child passed away in the same heartbreaking incident. Toddler Payton Cobb also passed away at Fleetwood Drive at Happy Happy Daycare.

On the morning of October 2, three toddlers fell into a backyard pool at Happy Happy Daycare. Little Lily and Payton both drowned while the third child was rescued in time.


The owner of the daycare self-surrendered to law enforcement after the incident on October 13. They were booked on charges of child neglect, resulting in death, child endangerment, and criminal negligence.

Payton Cobb, who was 18 months old, “brightened every day” for her parents, according to the GoFundMe campaign they set up to collect funds to help with the costs of the funeral.

“In the short time Payton was with us, she blossomed into a beautiful, energetic, joyful, and very personable little girl,” the page says.


An obituary for Lily reads, “Lily Jade was a miracle baby for Josephine and Scott Hanan after more than 15 years of trying. She was born in Savannah, GA and openly adopted at birth.”

The little girl’s family also talked of what she loved in her tragically short life. “She loved lounging on her Lily-monogrammed couch, snuggling in her favorite blue crocheted blanket, wearing other people’s shoes, pulling off people’s sunglasses, playing peekaboo. Lily was always the first to put things away during clean-up time and loved watching videos of herself over and over,” her obituary continued. Adding, “She loved books that doubled as songs.”

In their daughter’s memory, they are asking for donations to be made to the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

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