Hе was abandоnеd bу his оwnеr was hit bу сar unabIе tо stand, hоρеIеss waiting fоr hеIρ Hеartbrеaкin

I got a phone call asked to assist a dog that was harmed so severely that he was not able to stand … when he does manage to get up, he takes a step or two and falls down. he is in a extremely bad state. we do not know what happened.

he is wet as if he remained in a river or something. we are at the vet … she is all wet and her fever is low, 37.

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she is shaking, dehydrated, and there are a lot of wounds on her body. The veterinarian give her warm liquids abd I had blankets and thermophore in the vehicle.

I am keeping her warm. she damagеd my heart. I want her to live I wan her to make it … When was possibly hit by a vehicle and that’s the reason for her problem. she was thrown in the river …

I m by her side … We are hoping for a miracle. she was called Dara. Please pray for her.

and she definitely had an owner cause she had a collar mark on her neck. what king of a monster do you need to throw out a canine this old … She probably lived on a chain her whole life.

This Dara is a bit much better … she also wanted to eat a bit and drink water.I hope we located her on time

after might days, the positive point is that she is wagging her tail and she is willing to walk on her own a bit, step by step …

after doing lots of tests, there is water in the lungs and around the heart and even though she is dehydrated, she can not be on the IV more reason it can put a strain on her lungs and she can die.

After a long period having various treatments, Dara is in better problems, I m providing her all the love she needs with the vet treatment, this is all what she requires to be better.

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