A Cat Dоеsn’t Want His Ownеrs tо Gо Abrоad, sо Shе Dесidеs tо Hiке with Thеm Instеad

Nick and Voirrey Cole are a couple from the Isle of Man whose passion is to travel around the world. They never miss a chance to go abroad whenever there’s an opportunity. Recently, they planned a trip to New York for Nick’s 40th birthday. They made travel arrangements and got on the plane, but could never have guessed that their cat would come to the trip as well.

A Major Surprise

When they got to airport security, Nick and his wife were instantly held up. They were set aside as the security staff wanted to check their luggage. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they opened up the luggage and their cat Candy popped up. It seems that she snuck inside undetected, but she couldn’t get past the airport security.

Candy clearly wasn’t going to be left behind. Who wouldn’t want to go to the Big Apple? She imagined that they didn’t have a ticket for her, sneaking inside without anyone seeing her. Everyone was just as puzzled as the couple, although to be fair, Candy did such a thing before.

Everyone had a good laugh at the airport when they explained what (probably) happened. Candy was picked up by Nick’s friends so they didn’t miss their flight. The Coles are just happy that the staff was cool with everything and that they weren’t stopped from visiting New York.

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