Aftеr a Mоnth Aρart, Cat Has An EmоtiоnaI Rеuniоn with Hеr Bеst BIind Dоg Buddу

You know how everyone says that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. While it may be true in some cases, they can live together under the same roof. We’ve seen many such friendships over the years, and we’re glad it’s working out. Need more proof? Continue reading below.

Coco the dog is a retriever that when blind at 9 years of age. She was diagnosed with SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome) and Iơst her sight pretty fast. For the next 5 years, her buddy Jasper the cat has been the perfect companion. These two pets complete each other, shattering the claim that cats and dogs are enemies for life.

Their connection was recently disrupted when Coco’s mom had to travel for work abroad. Knowing the condition Coco is in, she took the dog with her for a month. It was a shock for Jasper who waited by the door every day until they returned.

It took just over a month for the friends to be reunited, and it was an emotional moment. Coco’s mom got it all on video, and we love how Jasper emotionally greets his blind buddy. Who says that cats and dogs can’t be friends?

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