GirI, 7, Prоtесts Brоthеr With Own Bоdу fоr 36 Hоurs WhiIе Buriеd Undеr RubbIе оf Dеstrоуеd Hоmе

Heartbreaking visuals of a little girl shielding her younger brother’s head trapped under concrete ruins have been circulating on the internet after a dеadly earthquake claimed the lives of thousands of people.

After a horrifying 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit parts of Turkey and Syria, the internet flooded with videos of buildings crumbling into ruins and people crying for their loved ones.

Amidst such spine-chilling content, a video of a little girl and her brother surfaced on social media, and viewers couldn’t help but feel heartbrơkеn after learning their story.

Laying in the most comfortable place of their house, the family suddenly felt everything in their house shake. Al-Sayed recalls seeing pieces of concrete falling on him and his family―a terrifying situation no one deserves to go through.

Mariam and Ilaaf trapped under rubble. | Source:

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