This Wоg Was Abandоnеd Bесausе Hе Was Siск, Hе Was Rеsсuеd And Nоw Hе Has A Fоrеνеr Hоmе

When Dempsey was âbаndơnеd and chained to a pole outside a pharmacy in Georgia, he was just 7 months old. The dog was left behind since he had scabies and was ill. Due to his state, nobody wanted to approach him as several people went by.

The âbаndơnеd puppy was eventually reported to animal control, who then sent him to Dekalb County Animal Services. He had severe scabies at the time, along with an eye infection.

But Dempsey wasted no time in winning the staff members’ hearts. They delivered him to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, an Atlanta-based volunteer organization, along with Friends.

Dempsey was covered with bleeding scabs all over his body. A volunteer with the organisation, Stacey Greenwald, brought the animal home, where it was treated with medicines and medicated baths.

The most crucial reward for Stacey, who has been saving dogs for the past seven years, was the love she gave the puppy. Dempsey started to get better in just three weeks.

Dempsey is a new dog now, just two months after someone âbаndơnеd him outside of a store. When I received him, he was very depressed and unhappy with himself, recalls Satacey. But he recovered so quickly. He transformed from being somewhat tough and depressed to being among the happiest, friendliest, and most laid-back dogs I’ve ever met, she continued.

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