Aftеr 77 Yеars Of Marriagе, Lоνе Birds HоId Hands As Thеу Drift Off Tо Hеaνеn Tоgеthеr

Love. When you ask someone to tell you what love is they may have a hard time putting it into words.
Love is a feeling you get when you see or think about that special someone. If you have ever been in love – and I mean really in love – you are a very lucky person!

I am not sure too many people have experienced true love (with divorce rates as high as they are).

If you want to see in photos true love – here you go. The photos below were all sharеd on Reddit.

They feature a man and a woman who been married for 77 years! The woman who posted the photos was the couple’s granddaughter.

She said her grandfather was 96 and her grandmother was 100. Tragically, her grandmother passed on weekend.

When older couples die within hours of each other, it is called brơkеn heart syndrome. It is an actual medical condition that is caused by extreme grief.

Another example is Jim and Cindy Mininni. Jim was diagnosed with cancеr and given very little time.
Soon after, Cindy, his wife, suffered a heart attaсk. The hospital was kind enough to allow the couple to sharе a room.

dying moments together
Image Credit: Chris Mininni

Cindy was able to be there and hold Jim’s hand as he passed.

John and Bernice Mullins also were hospitalized and allowed to sharе a room. They were able to recover and be discharged.

dying moments together
Image Credit: Facebook / Scott Wise

We can all only hope we find someone to spend the rest of our lives with. Hold on to your loved ones – life is short!

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