WhiIе On Vaсatiоn, An Amazing CоuρIе Rеsсuеs 34 Straу Dоgs And Cats

This story about a vacationing couple who took the time to help stray animals touched our hearts!

Jeff and Diana Hall discovered a large pack of stray dogs and cats living on the beach together on a trip to La Paz, Mexico, a few years ago. The majority of them were extremely thin and in need of medical attention, but they were incredibly friendly.

The pack included 34 animals, according to the couple who own Camp Bow Wow doggy day camp in Burnsville, MN.

There are eight puppies aged three to four weeks, five puppies aged fourteen weeks, fourteen adult dogs, and seven cats.

The Halls were aware of Mexico’s dog overpopulation and that there are an estimated 10,000 stray dogs in Baja California Sur. However, the Halls were “awestruck by the number of dogs and cats living in one pack and attempting to sưrvivе together.”

They knew they had to help the animals they dubbed the “Baja 34 Pack” right away. They soon discovered, however, that the regulations and requirements made it impossible to bring any of them back home.

That didn’t stop them from researching local rеscuе groups and brainstorming ways to help the dogs and cats in the long run.

While they researched rеscuе groups, they fed and gave water to their pack every day. The Halls were astounded by just how well the animals all got along. “We fed them as one big pack and they just dove for the food and had no food aggression – even with the cats!”

“We had some wet food and could feed them a forkful of food one at a time and they would all sit there and take turns, yes, even with the cats,” the Halls describe on their GoFundMe page.

They were polite and well-behaved. Even the most resistant little guy eventually warmed up to us. It took a while for a couple of them to trust us, but in the end they were all content to eat from our hands.

The Halls had a conversation with the neighborhood no-kiII shelter, but they were regrettably oversubscribed and unable to help. Additionally, they discovered Baja Canines La Paz, a rеscuе organization that aids in returning dogs for adơрtion to the US and Canada. This organisation supports the Halls’ rеscuе effort and works with the shelter.

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