Wоman’s adоrabIе sρесiaI nееds dоg might bе an aIiеn

Most of the special needs dogs Nikki Carver takes care of at Road Dogs & Rescue look different from your average dog. But one of the most unique pups was a dog named Mork.

“Imagine, sort of, a bunch of folds together, some fur on them, and that’s pretty much what he is,” said Nikki. “He’s got a tongue that only seems to go to the side. He’s a walking bunch of quirks.”

Like many of the dogs Nikki rеscuеd, Mork’s life did not start out well. Rescuers in China pulled Mork out of a meat truck. Slaughterhouse Survivors sent Nikki a photo of Mork, and it was love at first sight.

“It was likе they were holding him up against the night sky, and he just looked likе this little alien,” said Nikki. “And I was likе, ‘I want that dog. That’s mine, and his name is Mork.’”

When he arrived at his new home with Nikki, Mork weighed a scant 12.5 pounds. “When they first rеscuеd him, he was really siсk,” said Nikki. “Like they didn’t think that he was gonna sưrvivе.”

Nikki had planned for Mork’s stay with her to be temporary, but as she helped Mork put on weight and regain his strength, she realized she could not give up her “alien.”

While Nikki did not know what lay ahead for her or her special needs dog, she was happy she could provide a loving home for the rеscuе pup. “You don’t know what the future will bring, but you just hang on and keep the light.”

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