A straу dоg νisits thе sandwiсh stоrе еνеrу daу fоr a frее mеaI!

In a small town on the outskirts of the city, there was a sandwich store that served the most delicious sandwiches in the area.

The store was known for its quality ingredients and exceptional customer service. One day, as the staff were preparing to close for the night, they noticed a scruffy-looking dog wandering

around the front of the store. They assumed that the dog was Iơst and tried to shoo it away, but to their surprise, the dog didn’t leave. The next day, the dog returned to

the sandwich store, and the staff noticed that it looked skinny and malnourished. They felt sorry for the dog and decided to offer it some food. They gave the dog some scraps from the kitchen, and to their delight, the dog ate it up hungrily.

From that day on, the dog became a regular visitor to the sandwich store. Every day, likе clockwork, the dog would show up just as the store was closing, looking for a free meal.

The staff grew fond of the dog, and they began to give it a special sandwich made just for it – a tasty mix of meat, cheese, and vegetables. The dog loved the sandwich and eagerly looked forward to it each day.

Despite being a stray, the dog was a friendly and affectionate creature. It would wag its tail happily and lick the staff’s hands, grateful for the kindness and care that they had shown.

Over time, the dog became a fixture of the sandwich store, and the staff began to look forward to its visits each day. They even gave the dog a name – Subway Sally – as a nod to its scruffy appearance and fighting spirit.

Subway Sally’s visits to the sandwich store continued for several years until one day it stopped coming. The staff were worried and went out to search for the dog, but it was nowhere to be found.

Despite Subway Sally’s disappearance, the staff at the sandwich store continued to keep an eye out for other stray animals in the area, offering them food and care whenever they could. They knew that

the love and compassion that they had shown to Subway Sally had made a real difference in the life of one animal, and they hoped that they could make a difference in the lives of others too.

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