Kittеn ‘bоrrоws’ Grеat Danе’s bеd and wants his fооd bоwI, tоо!!

Cats playing with small-breed dog siblings are ordinary in most homes. However, a cat playing with a Great Dane is something rare. Nobody could imagine a tiny kitty playing with a giant dog. Even more unimaginable is the cat acting likе the boss.

Lincoln was a cat with a strong personality. The cat acted likе the leader of a pack of four Great Danes. It was as if Lincoln owned the group and controlled their every move. The best part is the cat was never shy about taking what he wanted.

Lincoln would lay in the middle of one of the large dog beds and eat dog food from their bowls. Lincoln and the dogs got into a rhythm pretty quickly. Whenever the cat wanted to play, he would approach Finnegan, one of his Great Dane siblings. Finnegan loved to be chased around by Lincoln.

If the cat wanted to play, the dogs would never stay back. Instead, they would gladly join Lincoln. Due to their massive sizes, the Great Danes could get rough while playing. However, they understood little Lincoln’s limitations and never hurt their cat sibling. Soon their mom added Lucy to the pack.

Lucy was a Great Dane puppy and was blind and deaf. The addition of Lucy to the pack made Lincoln highly inquisitive. He would use Lucy’s limitations to his advantage. Lincoln would bait Lucy and hide from her. The cat used to hide in his cat tunnels and in boxes. The cat would always jump out to surprise Lucy.

Lincoln and Lucy became besties within a short time. The cat’s presence and friendship helped Lucy become independent. Lincoln would join his dog siblings whenever they went outside with their mom.

While the dogs roamed around on leashes, Lincoln would run around freely. Their favorite spot was the beach, where they used to enjoy their walks. This was the only spot where the animals could be themselves. The love of the pets for each other helped keep the atmosphere inside the home cheerful all the time.

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