A sad dоg waits еνеrу daу in thе samе ρIaсе fоr sоmеоnе tо saνе him..

He has been waiting every day in the same place for someone with a good heart to take care of him.

In rural areas of Romania, most of the time dogs are only kept as guard or protection “tools” and not as family members.

And there old and cruel “traditions” are still alive: many dogs burn their noses with a red-hot iron to strengthen their immune system and help cure their distemper.

Remy, despite his sympathy, has not been offered a home and has simply been âbаndơnеd to his fate. During his stay, they tried to find him a home in the area, but no one wanted to take care of him. Luckily the rеscuеrs decided to take him with them and began looking for a family outside the rural area.

A dog as sweet as him deserves a happy home.

Check out her full story below:

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