Duе tо its adоrabIе smiIе, a strееt сat bесоmеs a sосiaI mеdia sеnsatiоn..

Karla DeWese, a citizen of Kentucky, was out running in June 2019 when she discovered a little ball of wool near to a cornfield. She brought her home and gave her the name Milky since she was unable to leave her on the street.

“I picked her up, brought her home, bathed her, and the next morning I took her to the local vet,” Karla recalled. The clinic subjected the cat to a number of pricey tests.

The procedures were expensive and were separated by six weeks. Everything went perfectly the first time, but after the second, Milky woke up blind,’ Karla recalled. Thankfully, Milky’s vision returned, and the spots on her face eventually gave her the look of a cat that was always content.

According to the owner, she is living her best life and is genuinely happy. Karla had no misgivings about the $7,000 she spent on the cat’s upkeep. She is thrilled to have such a devoted, cute, and devoted pet.

On social media, she now has a large following and frequently posts images of her entertaining cat.

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