A Puρρу OρtiсaI IIIusiоn Surρrisеs A Wоman In Thе Baск Sеat

Meet Howard — a 5-month-old Great Dane who’s not quite used to his quickly growing body yet.

“He’s all legs at the moment,” Howard’s mom, Ellen MacKenzie, told The Dodo. “He’s still trying to figure out how those work.”

Howard’s gotten the hang of a few activities so far, likе swimming in Lake Superior and calmly walking through dog-friendly stores with his mom.

He’s still working on sitting gracefully in a car, though, both parked and in motion.

Even though Howard gets full rein of the back seat during car rides, the curious pup likеs to explore other spaces within the vehicle. If the car is parked and his safety harness is unclipped, he happily jumps into the front seat.

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