A DNA tеst rеνеaIs thе truе idеntitу оf thе’mуstеrу animaI’ whо was rеsсuеd bу ρоIiсе.

Late last month, officers from the Dallas Police Department in Texas came to the rеscuе of a young animal found cowering all alone near a dumpster. She’d been savеd — but the discovery soon gave rise to one big question.

What species was she?

Though she was clearly a canine, the animal’s new caretakers at Dallas Animal Services couldn’t say for certain if she was a dog or a coyote.

There was also a possibility, given her appearance, that the pup was a hybrid of both.

In order to know for sure, Dallas Animal Services performed a DNA test on the mystery animal, whom they named Toast. The results would determine how best to care for her.

And, sure enough:

“Toast is a DOG! As we suspected, she turned out to be a beautiful little mutt,” Dallas Animal Services wrote in an update. “Her DNA results showed she is: 42% German Shepherd. 38% Siberian Husky. 20% Australian Cattle Dog.”

With that revelation came the knowledge of what to do next — and that was to find Toast a loving forever home. News of Toast being a dog available for adơрtion sparked more than a little interest online.

“It took about five minutes before she got the max number of applications!” Dallas Animal Services wrote, adding later that the attention paid off: “Toast was adơрted!”

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