Bradу OIiνеira rеsсuеs animaIs in his frее timе

When most people imagine what players of the Canadian Football League do in their free time, rescuing animals usually does not place high on the list. But that is what Brady Oliveira has done since 2019.

While most of us prefer to spend our free time catching up on TV shows, listening to podcasts, or playing games, the running back for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers decided to make a difference, instead.

When you think about it, sports athletes make the perfect animal rеscuеrs. “All those workouts have paid off,” said Brady, “not just for my sport of football to have success on game day, but also in the line of animal rеscuе work.

As rewarding as animal rescuing has been for Brady, it has not always been easy. “I keep going, rеscuе after rеscuе no matter what I see,” said Brady. “And that’s all thanks to my mental toughness because of the game of football.”

Brady Oliveira’s line of work did not allow for much free time, but that did not stop him. “Being a pro athlete, people know there’s not much downtime for yourself,” he said. “But when I do, my mind goes instantly to animal rеscuе.”

That was how Brady met his fur baby, Nellie. Brady rеscuеd Nellie when she was only 6 weeks old, and from the moment he brought her home, he knew he could not give her up.

“Everyone in the locker room knows me as the running back, but also knows me as that dog guy, as that animal rеscuеr,” said Brady. “It’s hard sometimes, but I know there are dogs out there that need me.”

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