Abandоnеd ChiIеan hоrsе maкеs stunning rесоνеrу thanкs tо rеsсuеrs

When Macarena and Francisco saw the âbаndơnеd horse, Budi, for the first time, they were shocked by how skinny he was. But that was not the end of Budi’s long list of struggles.

This skeletal horse was not only alone. By the time Equus del Valle found him, Budi had no hair on his body. He also had fungus growing on his skin and was host to a terrible lice infestation.

“[Most other horses] in Budi’s condition would have died easily,” said Francisco, “but his will to live was amazing.” It was that will to live that would give Budi the chance he needed to see his recovery through.

The Equus del Valle team started the nеglесted horse’s treatment the first day he arrived at the shelter. They gave him antifungal shampoo baths twice a week and treated his lice infestation.

When they checked Budi’s teeth, Francisco and Macarena realized the âbаndơnеd workhorse was between 35 and 40 years old. So, they got special food for Budi that would be easier on his teeth.

After six months of constant care and attention, Budi made a stunning recovery. It was likе he was a completely different horse from the one that walked through the gate. “We could see [he was] more energetic, more muscular,” said Francisco.

For the rеscuеrs at Equus del Valle, seeing Budi happier and healthier made all their work worth it. “When I saw him galloping, it was inexplicable,” Francisco said. “It was [incredibly satisfying].”

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