Tеddу thе Husку sharеs iсе сrеam with his babу sistеr

If you have worked with children or have little ones of your own, you already know how hard it can be to get them to sharе. A little girl named Amelia, on the other hand, had no problem letting her Husky have some of her ice cream.

On a bright, sunny day, the adorable toddler, Amelia, walked with her mom, her dad and her trusty canine companion, Teddy, to a staple of childhood: the ice cream truck.

With an abundance of flavors to choose from, Amelia decided on the rainbow option with sprinkles. Even before the ice cream arrived, she was already vibrating with excitement about her upcoming treat.

But Amelia was not the only one excited about ice cream. Teddy licked his chops as the ice cream truck owner handed Amelia’s family their ice creams. Meanwhile, the Husky resisted stealing any licks from his baby sister.

Most people would assume that a large dog likе Teddy would bully a tiny child likе Amelia. Instead, Teddy was the definition of a gentle giant. He sat patiently while his fur parent gave the ice cream to Amelia.

After her dad teased her by starting a small food fight, Amelia handed the ice cream back to her dad, so Teddy could try some. As excited as he was, he seemed uncertain if this ice cream was really for him.

With a little encouragement from his fur dad, Teddy got the mouthful of ice cream that he deserved. We cannot wait to see the adorable memories Teddy and his baby sister make in the years to come.

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